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The QSC rev x primary clutch is the top dog for performance
clutches. Made from 6061 aluminium on the most advanced cnc equipment
available. Everything was done right on this latest design.

The primary clutch takes a ton of abuse from the motor. Other
than the main shaft, the spider takes all the abuse. The rev x spider is over
2" wide, with 3/4" buttons, and 3/4" long rollers for a longer
service life and capable of handling ridiculous power!

Another important feature is the overall weight. For a couple of
reasons, a heavy clutch does not get rid of heat and will continue to heat up
until the belt or the clutch fails. The other is throttle response. The clutch
on the motor is rotating weight and when weight is added to the motor it costs
you throttle response. Nobody wants a lazy motor! The rev x comes in at only
8lbs 4oz fully loaded. It is the lightest billet primary on the market by far!

We hit a home run with the tower and cover plate design. It has
90 degree tower braces, and the cover plate straddles the outside of the towers
locking everything together eliminating torsional distortion in the clutch.
This keeps everything in line and working properly under extreme loads.

The one way bearing in the rev x is only 44mm "rev x

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