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Stage 1 UTV Shock Absorbers

The Stage 1 is our most accessible entry-level shock model designed to upgrade your UTV’s suspension beyond the capabilities of the stock shocks


If you believe that your stock shocks are “good enough”, you probably never tried a set of properly calibrated aftermarket shocks. It is amazing how much difference our Stage 1 can make on your vehicle. Even if you just cruise along at moderate speed, these shocks will erase the bumps and get rid of the vibration so you can ride comfortably and in perfect control. However, the more you press the throttle, the more your Stage 1 shocks will come alive and make a night-and-day difference to the handling and performance of your UTV.

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To upgrade or replace stock shocks, often at a comparable price to OEM shocks

Our most accessible entry-level model

Simple to use, bolt-on upgrade for improved handling, stability and comfort

Vehicle-specific tuning, calibrated for your personal weight and type of riding

Same quality components and careful craftsmanship as our higher-end models


Front shocks, 36mm or 46mm, sold as pair

Rear shocks, 36mm or 46mm, sold as pair

This product is not offered for high-performance vehicles

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